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  For most shaft sizes Cooper offers a range of three standard Series: 01 Series for medium duties, 02 Series for heavy duties and 03 Series for extra heavy duties. The use of more rollers, larger rollers or a combination of both, increases the load capacity of a roller bearing.

For a given shaft size, 02 Series offers more radial and axial capacity than the 01 Series. The 03 Series in turn offers more capacity than the 02. The choice of three Series enables Cooper users to select bearings suitable for a wide variety of load and speed conditions.

01 Series
The most commonly used of the three, standard Series 01 bearings are intended for medium loads and a wide range of speeds, up to 12,600 inches / 320,000mm dn under the right conditions. Some sizes are now available as the 01E Series with enhanced capacity. The 01E bearings will be suitable in some applications where the heavier 02 Series was previously used.

02 Series
The 02 Series offers a more rugged bearing solution for demanding applications where 01 Series may not be suitable. The 02 Series also operates over a wide range of speeds.

03 Series
Designed for extreme loading conditions the 03 Series tops the capacity of the 02 Series and offers the highest load ratings of the three standard series.